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Can we change the way the nation celebrates Christmas?

On the day after Thanksgiving, millions of people started their Christmas celebration at malls and other retail outlets. This can’t be the way that God intends Christians to prepare for the celebration of the coming of the Savior of the World. And what begins poorly also ends poorly.

Black Friday Becomes Bless Friday®. It’s a day for service not shopping.

We believe we can find a critical mass of Christians to alter the way society observes the season. Many people are appalled at how consumerism is devouring Christmas, but they don’t know how to change our culture’s direction. They are ready for a thoughtful call to action.

What we have in mind is to change Black Friday 2011 from a day of retail to a day of service. The day after Thanksgiving is an ideal day for people to volunteer to serve others and the community. Many are at home. Many want nothing to do with the malls. And many would answer a call from God through their church to take a stand for His Son against the siren calls of comfort and luxury. We can encourage them to begin the day with service. On a small scale, the volunteers and the people they help would both benefit.

In order to make a difference in the life of the nation, we will need to encourage a large number of people to volunteer through their churches and for the churches to match these volunteers with the needs of our community. We can change the community both physically through our actions and spiritually by providing a counterpoint to a day of consumerism and a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.