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A Letter From the Founder

Thank you for considering planning a service project on Bless Friday. We hope Bless Friday® transforms the way America celebrates Christmas.

If you are interested in honoring Christ by starting your Christmas celebration with service, consider contacting your home church to see what ministries it supports that could use your help on Bless Friday. Alternatively, you can pick from some suggestions that follow.

Your service to Christ may be done out in the city by scheduling volunteer service with a ministry or at home with family and friends by completing a home project and then delivering the gifts to the recipients. Most suggested activities could be done in half a day.

Starting your Christmas celebration with service will transform the way you and your family and friends experience the season. Remember to keep it simple and pick an activity that you and your family, friends and neighbors find meaningful and enjoyable.

Finally, please complete the form below and tell us what you are doing.

Chuck Fox
Chuck Fox
Founder | Bless Friday®

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